Septic and Sewer Services in Upstate SC

The Upstate's Septic and Sewer Solution since 2001
Trust your local septic and sewer repair specialists to bring free flowing comfort and efficiency to your home or business. We serve you with unparalleled customer service and quality workmanship for your every repair, service or installation we complete – that's a guarantee!

Get a Free Estimate for Your Septic or Sewer Repair
Whether you're in need of sewer repairs or a new septic tank, ensure great value from the very start by calling our licensed and insured contractors.

Our Guaranteed Work Includes:
• Septic/Sewer Repairs • Septic installations • Storm Drainage/Grading • Residential/Commercial • Real Estate Septic System Inspections
Want to Protect Your Home from Water Damage?
If your home tends to retain water, it can cause a number of problems, from structural damage to insect and mold growth. You can proactively avoid future repairs and maintain the integrity of your residential or commercial space with our skilled water drainage services. We will thoroughly inspect your property, analyzing every aspect to ensure that water drains away from your home freely and effectively. Call to request a Free Estimate!
Hydro jetting sewer cleaning method - septic tanks in Simpsonville, SC

Septic and Sewer Repairs

When you choose American Drainfield you get exceptional workmanship from honest, experienced contractors for your septic system and sewer repair needs. Whether you need your septic tank pumped or completely replaced, our reliable contractors are the right people for the job.

Your Septic Tank is in the Best Hands with Our Experts
Want great value on septic system repair? Call on our licensed and insured specialists to look after your residential or commercial property with skilled and dedicated septic system services. We will make sure your original system is running like new, or install a brand new one if repairs are not possible or cost-effective.

Your Property is our Property
Your property is in good hands when you choose American Drainfield. Not only can you expect high-quality workmanship on your septic repair project, but our specialists will even seed, straw, and rake the work area upon completion of your project. You get an unmatched level of service at an affordable price that is guaranteed!

The Best in Sewer Repair Solutions
  • Repairs/Maintenance
  • Sewer Line Installation/Replacement
  • Septic Inspections
  • Water Line Installation/Replacement
  • Grease Traps and Sewer Line Jetting
Maintain Efficiency with a New Tank or a New Drainage System
Why stop with quality septic or sewer repair work? Let your home or business fully benefit from our septic work by getting an inspection for a new installation or water drainage system! A new system can run more efficiently while also making for easier maintenance. Give us a call to discuss which system might be right for your property.

Septic Installation

You can entrust your septic system to our experienced team of highly-skilled contractors. From new installations and upgrades to certified septic system inspections, our team can take care of your system's issues quickly to get your system up and running the way you need it to in a timely manner.

Better Home Efficiency Starts With Our Affordable Septic and Sewer Upgrades Expert Storm Drainage Services, Sewer Repairs and More!
Keep the comfort and functionality of your home or business where it needs to be by having our licensed contractors install a septic system that is perfect for your property. Don't forget about our expert water drainage work as well!

No More Build-Up or Blockages
Take the appropriate measures now to avoid the hassle of costly blockages, backflows, and build-ups. In addition to a septic upgrade, expect guaranteed work on our sewer and drainpipe jetting services. Have your tank cleaned regularly and you won’t have to deal with any of those unfortunate, messy situations.

Trusted Upgrades and Installations
  • Installation
  • System Replacements
  • Sewer Line Jetting, Replacement & Repair
  • Storm Drain Repair and Installation
Enjoy Affordable Fixes for Your Septic and Sewer Issues
Don't put up with that faulty sewer or septic tank any longer than you have to – call now for a FREE estimate on timely and skillful repair service!


Have you noticed that your yard is wet, even though it hasn't rained recently? We can grade the ground along your home's foundation so that water runs away from your home rather than into it. Let us add water damage protection to your home today and avoid any difficult and costly repair work in the future.

Bring Fast and Safe Resolutions to Your Septic Overflow
Noticing a foul odor around your commercial property? Is your residential yard abnormally wet? Call for a FREE estimate and inspection to determine how you can benefit from our expert water and storm drainage services in the Greenville and Spartanburg, SC area.

Forget About Water Damage
Protect your most valued investments with personalized site drainage grading services that caters to the specifications of your property and terrain - we guarantee it! Let us add water damage protection to your home today.
Guaranteed Drainage Includes:
  • Standing Ground Water Drainage
  • Drainage Grading
  • Rough Grading
  • Culvert Installation
  • Downspout Drainage

Increase Efficiency with our Septic Repairs and Installation

Build on the quality afforded by your new water drainage system by getting an inspection for affordable sewer and septic repairs, services, and upgrades. A thorough inspection may also help us identify any potential issues that could result in major repair bills if not handled soon enough. Call to schedule an appointment for your inspection needs.
Working on connecting pipes - septic tanks in Simpsonville, SC